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About JSS Information Center

  • Japan Sake and Shochu Information Center is established for the purpose of making all the people in the world know about the charm of Japanese sake, shochu and awamori including the history and the culture by “Seeing,” “Touching,” and “Experiencing.”


Name Japan Sake and Shochu Information Center
Address 1-6-15 Nishishinbashi, Minatoku, Tokyo 105-0003 Japan
Business days and business time 10AM to 6PM weekdays Closed on weekends
Contact information TEL: +81-3-3519-2091
Fax: +81-3-3519-2094
* Please call before visiting.

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First, a big wooden tub on the ceiling will catch your eyes. The wall is decorated by glass origin material of modern Japanese color which images the traditional lacquer ware, red and black. Nice and slow atmosphere waits for you with fresh woody fragrance. In the wooden exhibition cabinet, there are variety of sake vessels from all over Japan for you to enjoy the beauty of Japanese culture. There are two TV monitors and two projectors to show you videos contents on sake and shochu. For those who want to know more about sake, there are tablets for you to freely refer to the information on the topic. Other than that, we provide real ingredients of sake and shochu, real Koji, and other interesting and rare materials. See and imagen sake brewing process.


We gather the newest information about sake.
Information about the tour to visit nice breweries which have English translator, information about the sake events held every day in many places in Tokyo area, about the shops where you can buy good sakes. We as a concierge of sake, answer your questions.



  • You can always taste about 50 items of Japanese sake, shochu, and awamori.
    Sake include various types such as Daiginjo, Junmai-ginjo, Junmai, Aged sake, Sparkling sake, etc. from all over Japan for minimum price of 100 yen per cup. Shochu made from different ingredients such as sweet potato, barley, rice, and brown sugar can be tasted as well. Awamori is another special spirit from Okinawa, and you can also enjoy tasting.
    For those who have difficulty in choosing, we provide sets of three different types of sake and shochu.

Tasting and Selling of Sake & Shochu
Tasting Report


  • We plan many kinds of events, such as a tasting event by a certain brewery and a seminar by a specialists on the topic. We aim at the Information Center where you can always find something new.

Podcast Program (Sake On Air)

  • SAKE ON AIR is a bi-weekly exploration into the stories, people, lifestyle, and what's really happening in the world of SAKE and SHOCHU.

    The show is brought to you by a team of experts based here in the Sake Homeland of Japan, working and thriving on the front lines of the industry. Together with local and international guests from a range of fields, both sake-specific and sake-curious, each week we'll be going beyond just, “What is sake?” and instead, exploring the excitement, challenges, depth, and possibilities in, what we think, is arguably the world's most fascinating and enjoyable pair of beverages.

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