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Please watch these movies JSS produced. We try to explain the beauty of sake with visual images and stories.

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      In the year of 22XX. Humankind have expanded their living area to moon and then even to Mars. In the spaceship heading to earth from the moon, a girl named Sakura, who is homecoming to the earth and Edward, who is on his dream trip to the earth, meet each other. In spite of their different upbringings, they become very close and make a promise to meet again in the earth. Sakura’s home is a sake brewery and Edward visits there. He happens to start working there. As he explores to Japanese sake and culture through his experiences there with Sakura and her family, he starts loving it, and Sakura realizes her love for Sake herself as well…. We hope to promote the beauty of sake to the world through this story.
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      Japanese Sake "Nihonshu" is Japan's National alcohol beverage, "Kokushu". It is widely considered as one of the country's most prized tourism resources. Sake is a product of premium quality water and climate unique to Japan. It holds an indivisible presence within the country's traditional rice culture. Various kinds of sake are made across the country, maximizing the benefits of each area's climate. The program will introduce the world of Japanese Sake, its production method and ways to drink and enjoy. Reporter Maxwell Powers visits Saijo, one of the sake towns in Japan, to explore sake's charm and appeal and its connection to Japanese culture.

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