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Tucked away in the northwestern corner of Kyushu, Oita Prefecture is a veritable gold mine of fish and seafood. These choice nuggets include Shiroshita karei (marbled sole) from Hijimachi, fugu (blowfish) from Usuki City, as well as Seki aji (Spanish mackerel) and Seki saba (Japanese horse mackerel) from Oita City's Saganoseki. There's also the prefecture's famed Oita Bungo beef as well as food from the mountains, including kabosu (citrus), and shiitake mushrooms. Come to Oita and immerse yourself in a wonderful culinary experience.

 Oita Prefecture's Kunisaki Peninsula Usa area was designated as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Site in May 2013. The Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) was started by the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization in 2002. The GIAHS initiative aims to protect globally important agricultural sites where traditional farming is practiced as well as cultures, landscapes and biodiversity that have developed and formed over centuries through "the co-adaptation of community with its environment."

  • 蔵元 kuramoto
  • 酒蔵見学 shuzou inspection
  • ツアー/イベント tour/ivent
  • Maker's name.
  • Representative sake

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  • Maker's name.
  • Representative sake
  • Bungo Meijyo Co., Ltd.

    Bungo Taro (Barley)

    789-4 Aza Kamenokou, Saikicity Naokawa Yokogawa, Oita

    TEL : +81-972-58-5855

    Opening hours 9:30~16:00

    Reservation : required

  • Fujii shuzo Co.,ltd


    213−2, Notsu-machi Usuki-Shi, Oita

    TEL : +81-974-32-2008

    Opening hours 09:00-16:00

    Reservation : required

  • Inoue Syuzo


    Ooaza Oohi 2220-1, Hita, Oita

    TEL : +81-973-28-2211

    Opening hours 10:00-17:00

    Reservation : required

  • kayajima syurui


    398 taketa-machi, taketa-shi, Oita

    TEL : +81-974-63-3816

    Opening hours 9:00-17:00

    Reservation : required



    382,Emuta, Usuki, Oita

    TEL : +81-972-63-8000

    Opening hours 8:30-17:00

    Reservation : required

  • Nakano Shuzo Co.,Ltd


    Minamikitsuki 2487-1, Kitsuki-city, Oita

    TEL : +81-978-62-2109

    Opening hours 9:00-16:00

    Reservation : required



    2231-1Yamamoto, Usa, Oita

    TEL : +81-978-32-1431

    Opening hours 10:00-16:00

    Reservation : not required

  • Sato Shuzo


    6197 Kuju, Taketasi, Oita

    TEL : +81-974-76-0004

    Opening hours 10:00-16:00

    Reservation : required

  • Yatsushika Brewery Co,Ltd


    3364 Migita.Kokonoemachi, kusugun, Oita

    TEL : +81-973-76-2888

    Opening hours 9:00-16:00

    Reservation : required

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