Facing the Sea of Japan in the northerly region of Tohoku sits Akita Prefecture. Akita has long been famed as center for rice farming as well as consumption of sake. The prefecture provides a bountiful harvest of foods that can be found in traditional local dishes like Kiritanpo, Hinai chicken, shottsuru-nabe with Japanese sandfish, brasenia, tonburi, and iburi-gakko (smoked pickles). No dish says Akita more than Inaniwa udon (noodles).

The beauty of Akita women is so renowned there is even a special word for them, "Akita bijin." Add in the inspiring natural backdrop and there's little wonder why Akita is such a popular tourist destination. On the must see list is Shirakami-Sanchi, Oga Peninsula, Mount Chokai, Lake Tazawa, and much more including a host of inviting hot springs such as Nyuto and Oyasukyo. Akita's rich cultural heritage bursts into life during celebrations that include the Akita Kanto Festival, Daisen City's summer fireworks extravaganza, the wintertime Yokote Kamakura and Yuzawa Inukko Festivals, and many more. Topping the list of Akita's most recognizable cultural icons is perhaps the Namahage which has earned the distinction of being designated by Japan as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property.

  • 蔵元 kuramoto
  • 酒蔵見学 shuzou inspection
  • ツアー/イベント tour/ivent
  • Maker's name.
  • Representative sake

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  • Maker's name.
  • Representative sake
  • Akita Shurui Seizoh Co.,ltd.


    4-12 Kawamoto Mutsumimachi, Akita-shi, Akita

    TEL : +81-18-864-7331

    Opening hours 9:00-11:00・13:00-16:00

    Reservation : required

  • Akitameijyo


    4-23 Daikumati, Yuzawasi, Akita

    TEL : +81-183-73-3161

    Opening hours 9:00-16:00

    Reservation : required

  • Kodama Brewing Co.,Ltd.


    34-1 Iizuka Iitagawa, Katagami, Akita

    TEL : +81-18-877-2100

    Opening hours 11:00, 14:00 (Twice a day)

    Reservation : not required

  • Ryozeki shuzo


    4-3-18 Maemori, Yuzawa, Akita

    TEL : +81-183-73-3143

    Opening hours 9:00-11:00、13:30-15:30

    Reservation : not required

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