• Maker's name
  • Representative sake

Kubota Shuzo Co., Ltd.

  • Kubota Shuzo Co., Ltd.
  • [sake]

    • Kinsyo Hishimasamune
    • Hishimasamune 「Eisuke」


    • Kuboroku(kome)(sakekasu)
    • Momijitengu(kome)

Tour information

  • Tour facility

    Kubota Shuzo Co., Ltd.

  • Address

    2-34-24 Kabe Asakita-ku, Hiroshima, Hiroshima

  • TEL


  • FAX


  • Tour contents

    explanation→see Kura→tasting→sale of sake

  • Opening hours

    Although it is not a Kura for inspection, please ask, if hopeful

  • Closing days

    Saturday・Sunday・public holiday・year-end and new-year

  • Tour fees (adults)

    300 yen

  • Tour fees (children)

    300 yen

  • Reservation

    required / Please reserve by telephone and e-mail

  • Parking

    Yes/3 parking lots.

  • Support for non-Japanese

    【Guiding signs】 english:No chinese:No korean:No

    【Audio guides】 english:No chinese:No korean:No

    【Tour guides】 english:No chinese:No korean:No

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  • Others

    If you want buy sake, please tell us at the time of reservation.


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